Hand of Heaven Products

Hand of Heaven is a 12 month blueprint that can be used to unfold the greatness that's inside you. You were created perfectly. You have untapped potential just waiting to be explored and utilized to the fullest. HOH will discuss various topics that will cause you to think into yourself and often times cover sensitive topics which you may have never considered before or perhaps had long since forgotten. We urge you to participate with an open mind and consider what is being discussed as one of many possibilities. We are all different and what is right for one, may not be right for another. It's your choice to evaluate these concepts and keep them or reject them for your ultimate growth.

Throughout the product packages, we explore various aspects such as creativity, choice, abundance, prosperity, leadership, your love ability and relationships, your possibility, giving, faith, physical vitality, reality and personal awareness, connection to yourself, others and spiritual as well as many more topics.

Faith & Success $30
(Understanding the Balance of Faith, Giving & Success)

Tapping Into The Powerful
Connection-Between Faith & Success

Self Actualization $110
(Development and Awareness EQ Emotional Intelligence)

Self Actualization

Physical Vitality $275
(Developing your PQ Physical Intelligence)

Physical Vitality

Financial Growth $550
(Development and Awareness IQ Intellectual Intelligence)

Awareness & Abundance

Spritual Growth $1100
(Development and Awareness SQ Spiritual Intelligence)


HOH Live $2500
(Live teachings, masterminds, bookstudy sessions and ministries of top leaders in their field)

Live Event Tickets & Custom