Help Yourself & Make A Difference

HOH is about people helping people.


Dear friend,

Are you ready to live life on your terms and make a difference too?

We have created a new program and product like no other.

Over the past two decades, we've found out that focusing on IMPACT and CONTRIBUTION are much more powerful than focusing on the money.

To this end, we have married original product that has impact deep to your soul as well as to your pocket.

The HOH offering is the most powerful turn-key, foolproof system in the world today. If you are serious about both developing yourself on the INSIDE as well as on the OUTSIDE by helping others with these powerful courses, then you've come to the right place at the right time.

HOH is not like all those other "me first" programs out there where you have to refer tons of people before you see anything yourself. This is an standard affiliate program with added dynamic leverage so you can develop teams of people that think like you and want to also effect change on a global basis.

It's hands down the fastest and easiest system on the planet to create change on a global scale. We have real ORIGINAL products that will help people break through their limiting barriers to reach self awareness.

Through sharing or amazing original products, our members receive from $25 to $2000 from each new person they refer, and it starts from the very first person.

Key point: Our system is designed for three things...

1. Original Products.

Powerful products effecting people on an internal level. They are original and not rehashed "me too" products. They assist in causing positive change from the inside out. The products are designed to push you to the next level personally, spiritually and financially. We dive deep to uncover what's holding you back.

2. Minimal Risk.

How? We have proven our system works over two decades of testing. There is no other system on the planet that gives 100% of the product purchase back to you with the very first person you introduce. Just refer one new person (sale) at the product level you joined and you get 100% of your money back. You break even with just one!

3. Maximum Upside.

Streamlined System. We provide a world-class affiliate program that flat out works. The added leverage of working as a team allows those that wish to do so, have added leverage. Standard affiliate programs call them Joint Venture (JV) partners but are normally only available to the owner of the offering. We allow YOU to refer and build your own JV partners inside our system and be compensated for doing so. You then get paid directly from your customers for the payment of the products. The company gets a license fee to maintain the system. It's clean, simple and it works!

Key points: • Entry Levels for Every Budget.

($25 "Hand Up Feeder Level", $100, $250, $500, $1000 and $2000)

• Vertical Acceleration

You are marked as PAID on all products BELOW the one you initially join. Thus, if you purchase the $1000 product, you are marked as paid and qualified for ALL products below it. What a deal!

• Low license fees This is our helping hand back to you!

• Instant Upgrading:

When you first join HOH, choose carefully what your starting entry product will be. Why? Because you are marked as paid for the lower priced products instantly by the software! For example: You enter at the $1000 level and you are instantly marked paid at the $25/100/$250/$250/$500 levels! WOW, what a way to get started!!!

Example of income: Disclaimer: Any income shown is for illustration purposes only. Incomes vary with the effort of each individual and other factors.


I think you get the point. You are talking a potential five figure income in no time.

Maybe you can't imagine that type of income (right now). Don't worry. We will raise your level of awareness in that area through our products.

But what if you only achieved 10% of that? Not bad! What if it took you six months or a year? It's not a race, but a marathon. Now, what if you took five percent and helped someone? That is some serious help, lots of "warm and fuzzies" for you! Remember, in order to GET, you GIVE more!

We expect a VERY HIGH retention rate. Here's why... I mentioned before that you break even on the product price with just one person. If your members have at least one paid customer/person in their group, they break even (minus the minimal license fee of course), so why would they leave?

The members would certainly be locked in with three people because they would be in profit. If someone is at a virtual break even point, and probably in a positive cash flow, chances are very high that they will stay on board and pay you.

Your income will compound. Here's why... The reverse 1 Up System will multiply the payments by geometric progression. How? The second referral of every member roll up to their sponsor as a training bonus thus increasing your income. This happens over and over for these people as each in turn continue to roll up someone for every one person you sponsor. Just one referral can easily multiply to dozens of people in no time, each sending you money.

*While you might have a bit of confusion to you at first, it will become clear very soon. You keep all your referrals except the second sale at the product purchase you are at. You receive the second sale (and person) from each sale you receive. That's all there is to it.

This is a real business. We think it's a perfect business model. We've proven it works with many millions in sales using this exact system.

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