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Our Vision

Be An Engine of Global Change

Hand of Heaven is a 12-month blueprint that can be used to unfold the greatness that's inside you. You were created perfectly. Are you aware of the incredible power you hold in your hands? It's the power to implement change and make the world a better place. But where to start? You start with yourself first. You have untapped potential just waiting to be explored and utilized to the fullest.

Empowerment Through Education

HOH will discuss various topics that will cause you to think of yourself and often times cover sensitive topics which you may have never considered before or perhaps had long since forgotten. We urge you to participate with an open mind and consider what is being discussed as one of many possibilities. We are all different and what is right for someone, may not be right for another. It's your choice to evaluate these ideas and concepts and keep them or reject them for your ultimate growth.

Personal, Physical and Economic Literacy

HOH understands that growth doesn't have to be limited to Spiritual alone. In order to prosper and grow, we must grow personally, physically and economically. We highlight your obligation to grow your talents given to you by God at their maximum capacity and use them as a force for good.

Our Values

  • You Are Perfect.

    You have all the tools, talents and ability to build and create the mental model of perfection you are claiming you want in your life. God’s work is perfect, and that perfection is the essence of who and what you are.

  • Always Have An Attitude of Gratitude.

    Give gratitude for all things that are to happen because you have faith, and you know that God is good and God is abundance.

  • You A Creative Being.

    Everything is created twice. We all know this, but we may not know its power. Jesus said, “Know ye not that ye are gods.” Most of us forget and act like mere mortals. The truth is that we’ve been given the capacity to do great things..

  • You Can Receive & Give Love.

    God is an ever-present, permeating Spirit whose center is everywhere and whose ending is nowhere. The kingdom of God is within you. To love God, you must love your own aliveness. The journey is in living from the aliveness that you are.

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