Dear Friend,

We have a very powerful way to change your financial situation incredibly fast, and even better... a way to profoundly effect the world, one person at a time. But before we go into that...

  • The government's giving big loans to certain businesses and banks to prevent millions of people from becoming unemployed.
  • The middle class is being squeezed and looking for a second income is no longer a choice.
  • The Stock Market is bouncing all over. Down 300, Up 200, down 300. It's too crazy for the average person to make heads or tails of it, let alone make money.
  • Government politics is at a constant stalemate and nothing gets done as the deficit keeps growing and healthcare is still up in the air or so expensive, most can't afford it.
  • Major companies going out of business, just like that as the internet takes over.
  • Natural disasters hitting the country left and right.

It's a tough situation for everyone right now. So where do you turn?

What if we told you you could change the world with one simple concept? It's called Hand Of Heaven.

Hand Of Heaven is REAL education on topics that matter.

  • Faith and Success

  • Personal Development (Self Actualization)

  • Physical Health and Vitality

  • Financial Growth

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Primary Love and Relationships

When you experience the system we have set up, you will see what we mean when we say it was not put together in a week. This has taken years to develop and now it's ready for you!


People like yourself buy and sell the packages of ORIGINAL PRODUCTS in the form of video and/or audio education that we have available at many price points.  These products focus on the change inside of you which can multiply the external change outside of you.

We grant you the rights to resell our course memberships and keep the entire sale price of the products you sell.  When someone buys from you, you then release the products for that product price point to them.  They then pay the company their portion.  They can then view or listen to the contents. 

 It's not just about the money.

Many people may think it's all about the money, but that's where they are wrong.  What's your legacy?  How many people can you help along the way?  Since HOH has a 100% direct pay customer to seller  commission system, we strongly suggest that when you make a sale, you allocate some portion of the funds you received to help someone or an organization near and dear to your heart.  Maybe even tithe to your church.

 In order to GET you have to GIVE more.

The amount is up to you.  Just think about it for a moment.  With other businesses, you'd be lucky to receive a net 50% commission after the sale.  HOH corporate has set up a business model where you make 100% net profit.  Why not take 5%-10% (for example) and do some good!  You're still way ahead of anything else out there.  Obviously, we can't enforce this.  All we can do as a company is create the environment and hope members follow our corporate vision.  The amount given is not the point.  It's the act of making a difference and helping someone else.  We have suggested charities on the site.  We also have our own 501C3 charitable cause.  Let us know when you donate so we can put your name up on the "Good Deeds" section!

Online businesses with a purpose greater than the "almighty dollar" have been shown over time to outperform other business models.  It's purpose and passion of its members that are the rocket fuel.  It's purpose and passion that will help you break through when you are feeling down.  It's the purpose and passion with our community of like-minded people you can plug into, feed off, and add your own input, creating a positive dynamic like no other.

 But how can the company offer 100% commission?

We understand that people viewing our business model for the first time may look at it with a suspicious eye because it breaks the traditional "old school" mold.  Let's face it.  What company in its right mind would put a system together with no admin fee?  How can they even do this and stay in business? The 100% is on the product price.  If you factor in the company license fee, your net is 90% commission.  If you choose to have the company take payments for you as a traditional affiliate program would, you will get an 80% commission.

That's a valid and logical question.  I challenge anyone to look at the details with an objective mind.  It makes business sense when you really put the pieces together.

  • Debt free company

  • 20 year track record of success

  • Product is digital products in the spiritual, education & motivational field.  They are 100% already prepaid and infinitely replicable, thus there's no product cost to the company.

  • Products with value.  Education is the ultimate commodity because it's value is unlimited.  Just because someone can't touch it doesn't make it any less valuable.  If that were the case, how could colleges charge any money?

  • Digitally downloaded products don't require staff, shipping or postage, etc. which means no expense for shipping and maximum payout.

  • No payroll expense since we use direct member-to-member payment.

See what I mean?  Listed above are just a few points.  It's the formula on how there can be 100% payout.  It's an Economics 101 Master Class on how a business can be run!

But it's much more than a business concept.  It can be used as a way to implement change.  A virtual "Change Engine". This can be through helping others, using some earnings (in the form of 100% commission), to help someone directly.  Alternatively, it can be indirect help, by giving a portion of one's earnings to a charity or worthy cause.

The concept is simple, yet one that, if implemented, will really work.
Develop yourself on the inside first...

Hand of Heaven is a concept that's time has come. It serves as a starting point. One person (i.e. you) can have a profound impact on the life of others by just doing one single act of giving. In order to GET, you GIVE more.  You can't out give God. It can be small or large. The size of the act is not the point. It's the aligning oneself with a goal bigger than yourself and acting in accordance with that alignment. Although our teachings do have a religious undertone to substantiate the taught concepts, this is not a religious concept. It is a one-world concept. Hand of Heaven teaches universal concepts. It's meant to have a greater purpose. You can be the "Hand Of Heaven"! That's right... YOU! You can help your fellow human being, however humble your action, and thus make the world a better place for all.

Here are some compelling reasons to come on board Hand of Heaven...

  • Hand of Heaven is a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy helping others. We are looking for more people, like ourselves, to assist those in need through becoming a better person and giving a portion of their earnings to help a chosen charity or entity of their choice.  They do this by the amazing business model provided to them.

    Have you ever wanted to help others but did not know where to start? There is a saying that goes something like this... "The best way to help the poor is to not be one of them".  The HOH business model is the vehicle that can get you to that place.  Then take a portion of the "Extreme Profits" and help someone.   You can be the "Hand Of Heaven"!

  • Hand of Heaven is very affordable. People can start the "Hand Of Heaven" ideal  for as little as $25 plus a $5 license fee, which allows them to begin to work the program.   We call the "Hand Up" Starter Level.  It is meant to help those who are financially challenged,  but truly would like to participate.   It is a straight, one time only, twenty-five bucks out of pocket plus a one-time $5 license fee.

    Now, some people will take time to understand the program and really want to do it, but have trouble parting with $25 plus a nominal $5 license fee.  Dire circumstances can befall the best of us.  Under such circumstances, we might suggest you consider offering that person the opportunity to do some work for you that would be roughly equivalent to the $30 "base" starter level.   Some suggestions might include mowing your lawn and trimming the hedges, baby sitting your kids for a few hours, or taking your dog out for a walk every day for a week.  If you are online, it may be some task that is digital such as research or site submission or social media work.  The point is that everyone who comes into the program must contribute something of value in order to participate.

  • Hand of Heaven uses the "Reverse 1 Up" system. This will allow the system to help you first and will start to multiply the effect of your giving efforts.  The first sale you make will go to you, so you break-even 100% on the product purchase with your first sale!  Say what?  Where else can you get 100% of your product purchase with one sale?  That's a rhetorical question that does not require an answer, because it's obvious.  Nowhere.  You are NOT paying monthly, so there is no stress.   As you work productively and start to make money, the system will allocate upwards to your sponsor, or, in some cases, whomever might be above your sponsor. 

  • Hand of Heaven has multiple entry levels starting with the "Hand Up" Starter Level of $25 followed by $100, $250, $500,$1,000 & $2,000!  You choose the level at which you can afford to begin.  As a perk, any product price point you choose will also include ALL product price points below it at no additional charge!

  • Hand of Heaven uses tracking software that has been "time-tested" for many years and directs the actions of everyone. You can rest assured that your efforts will be accurate and effective.

  • Hand of Heaven offers support during normal working hours for your convenience.

  • Hand of Heaven has incredible ORIGINAL PRODUCTS that you'll be proud to show others and will also help you personally!

  • Hand of Heaven uses a "Team Approach", which is the way to accelerate and support your efforts.  After all, we are all here for the same cause.

    The HOH Products

    So what are the products? 

    Each product is a one-time purchase.  You are purchasing a product and paying the HOH member directly.  Then paying the HOH company for the license fee. *The company also has an option where we will take all payments for you for a 20% convenience fee

    The HOH product levels are a one-time purchase.  We have gone overboard with extreme value.  Click on the link for each product level to see the products listing for each level.  Please note that these products are for illustration purposes only and may change from time-to-time to add value.  You can take these products and use them for educational purposes, and/or sell them, depending upon the rights given for each specific product.

    than the one you pay are INCLUDED at no additional cost.
    *Example: Pay for the $1000 product and get the $25, $100, $250 & $500 products!

    Faith and Success
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